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🚨 This page exists for archival purposes only. It does not constitute channel policy.

🚨 Entry to this channel implies your agreement to obey freenode™ server policies or Terms of Service (ToS), as well as channel rules, policies, and guidelines.

Welcome to ##Politics-Uncensored

A U.S.-centric political discussion channel founded on August 7 2016. We encourage constructive dialogue and rigorous debate but maintain standards of respect, common values, and decency.

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it. — Thomas Jefferson

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. — Voltaire

1. Starship Command

Rank Nick
Captain palasso
Commander insomnia
Lieutenant Commander burrito
Lieutenant mst
Ensign Dillo
Ensign CC66

2. Mission Statement

Politics impact every aspect of our lives and is a natural topic of discussion in a text chat forum such as IRC. Unfortunately due to their tendency to become acrimonious, political discussions are often considered off-topic and unwelcome in other channels on this network.

While other political discussion channels exist, they tend to employ what we consider heavy-handed moderation tactics which appear intended to promote and reinforce a certain political agenda. This results in a one-sided discussion and suppression of alternative or non-mainstream opinions and viewpoints.

Our mission in creating ##Politics-Uncensored is to provide an open forum where users can discuss political topics and controversial subjects without fear of the perennially over-used ban hammer so readily wielded in other channels. We hope to foster interesting, engaging, enlightening conversations about politics, history, morality, and other subjects without yielding to our more base instincts of territoriality and cynicism.

Please help us promote free and open dialogue in a healthy and constructive manner.

3. Guidelines

  1. 🆘 Uncensored does not mean unmoderated or “anything goes”.
  2. 🆘 Uncensored in our context means no arbitrary suppression of legitimate political expression and discussion.
  3. The channel should be a place where everybody can feel comfortable expressing their viewpoints on political topics.
  4. All participants are expected to remain civil and respect other people and their opinions whether they agree or not.
  5. At no time are you permitted to be rude, judgmental, or belittling.
  6. No specific word(s) is/are banned from usage but gratuitous use of uncivil or offensive words in any language are unwelcome. This channel is not a sailor pub and language is expected to reflect such behavior as presumed in polite company.
  7. Do not accuse, provoke or intentionally offend others, solicit violence or retribution, or engage in personal attacks.
  8. Do not discuss or taunt users who have been removed, kicked, banned, quieted or devoiced.
  9. All drama related to any other channel on this network is unwelcome in ##Politics-Uncensored.
  10. Likewise, do not allow your political discussions from ##Politics-Uncensored to spill over to other channels on this network.

4. Technical Rules

  1. Our /topic is unlocked. The use of /invite is similarly unlocked. Do not abuse these privileges.
  2. Posting of graphic\pornographic\violent\hateful\gory images or slogans are not tolerated.
  3. Flooding, spamming, trolling, are not political discourse and are not tolerated.
  4. Bots & Scripts are not permitted.
  5. All users are expected to report ToS violations to channel ops. All reports are treated as confidential.
  6. Public logging of this channel is discouraged.
  7. All reports of ToS violations will be investigated utilizing official channel or server op logs only.
  8. Any action taken upon any complaint/report is private and will not be discussed or reviewed with the reporter.
  9. Reports are confidential.
  10. Do not expect ANY overt response to ANY report.
  11. Administrative preemption: Any user deemed to be Disruptive™ will be quieted, de-voiced, and/or removed from the channel without notice and without recourse.

5. Server Rules

  1. 🆘 Any topic that is not tolerated on #freenode, or freenode™ is not tolerated in ##politics-uncensored.
  2. 🆘 Sexuality, potentially illegal activities and the like are unwelcome. These topics are not banned, but should be approached responsibly; stating your position is valid, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not.
  3. 🆘 If you are asked to disengage from any topic of discussion, please do so immediately and politely.

🚨 In accordance with UK law freenode™ has no tolerance for any activity that could be construed as incitement to racial hatred, incitement to religious hatred, or any other behavior meant to deliberately put upon a person harassment, alarm or distress. We do NOT endorse or encourage discrimination on the grounds of e.g. race, religion, gender or SEXUAL PREFERENCE and operate with a zero-tolerance policy for libel and defamation.

6. Operator Actions

  1. We employ an @iban system to discourage unhelpful contributions to channel discussions and a Doge Wallet system to positively reinforce valuable contribution to channel discussions.
  2. An @iban is issued as a ban, but functions as a +q or quiet. The user is still permitted to be present in channel, but is simply unable to contribute to the conversation for a period of time. The user is effectively “put in the corner” to think about what they’ve said and, the manner in which they’ve expressed it.
  3. If you receive an @iban moderation action, please note the numerical limit of the action. The number is representative of seconds, so @iban value of 120 is only a two-minute quiet. There is no need to “ragequit” for a simple/short @iban ; simply compose yourself and defend your position in a more civilized manner.
  4. Respect decisions by channel and server staff and do not disrupt the channel. If you disagree with an operator action please discuss privately with the operator in PM. However, please note that you are not entitled to any response under any circumstances and repeated harassment will only lengthen your participation restriction.

7. Operator/Moderator rules

  1. Any user may be granted Moderation Privileges (+oO) regardless of political affiliation.
  2. Users are granted moderation privileges based upon their demonstrated ability to maintain impartiality.
  3. If you are a trusted moderator (granted +oO or any variation thereof), you are expected to enforce freenode™ Terms of Service without regard for personal considerations.
  4. “Revenge Moderation” is not tolerated. If you kick/ban/moderate a user, be sure you can justify your actions or risk losing +o. We will not tolerate moderator actions for petty revenge.
  5. If at any time you become unwilling or unable to enforce freenode™ ToS, you may request to be excused from moderation duties without consequence.
  6. Abuse of moderator privileges will result in summary loss of moderation abilities without recourse.
  7. Channel moderators shall not air grievances in channel.
  8. Channel moderators shall not reverse decisions by other moderators without consensus. Those who have a disagreement should discuss their reasoning & objections with one another in PM and come to a consensus.
  9. In all moderation cases where disagreements may arise, Commander decisions will stand until reviewed by Captain.

Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy. — Isaac Newton

8. Bots

  1. Bots of any type or utility not authorized by channel staff are not permitted.
  2. Wallet is a Doge Wallet bot. For more information please /msg Wallet help.
  3. GunsRGood is our bot to hunt or befriend ducks.
  4. Dr. Jekyll is the channel digital assistant.
  5. layer-3ight is a text substitution bot.
  6. Abuse of any channel bot is not tolerated.



  1. The Wallet bot is effectively an anonymous banking system operated by Bill48105.
  2. All issues with the bot are to be directed to Bill48105.
  3. Information about Dogecoin
  4. Any monies deposited to your account are yours anonymously and you need not share your deposits, withdrawals, or balance to anyone for any reason.
  5. .balance - Check Doge balance.
  6. .balances - Check ALL coin balances. (wallet can hold multiple digital currencies.)
  7. .tip <user> <amount> - removes <amount> from YOUR balance and gives it to <user>.
  8. The “gambling” system employed by Wallet may be restricted or illegal in some municipalities.


Official Duckhunt Documentation

It’s hunting season. Shoot as many ducks as you can. How you ask? To shoot a duck you would simply type @bang 8 Remember that the macro-key 8 will be random with every duck!

You say you care about the environment? We hear ya! Save the duck before someone shoots it by befriending it! To befriend a duck type: @befr 8


  1. Ask him questions: DrJekyll, <question>
    DrJekyll: Do you like Green eggs & Ham?
    <DrJekyll> insomnia: Maybe...
  2. @<item> will return a value from the factoid database. Users may contribute factoids with syntax:
    • @learn ##politics-uncensored <item> is <text>
    • 🆘 Do not abuse this function. You can and will be excluded from this function for abuse.
  3. @roulette spin - Spin the chamber.
  4. @roulette - pull the trigger. What could PROBABLY go wrong?
  5. @weather <zip code or city> - Current weather forecast.
  6. @ud <word> - Urban Dictionary definition for word.
  7. @google <whatever> - Search Daddy Google for whatever.
  8. @kickme - Guess what this does?
  9. @topic add <text> - Appends text to the current topic.
  10. @td - Sets /topic to the Default.
  11. @x0 LINK - Creates an short url for LINK.
  12. @godwin - Invoke Godwin’s Law caveat.


This is a text substitution bot which accepts standard UNIX SED expressions. If you say, “Hello rFiends!” in channel and wish to correct it, simply use: s/rFiends!/Friends! The bot will send your corrected statement to channel!

9. Caveats


Godwin’s law is an Internet adage which asserts that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches”. ##Politics-Uncensored has adopted this debate rule so that once such a comparison is made, the debate is finished and whoever mentioned Hitler has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.


A ##Politics-Uncensored Caveat which (once invoked), is equivalent to throwing down or calling out an incredulous assertion. Once No Way has been invoked, failure to provide definitive proof of assertion results in immediate dismissal of same.


  1. (n) Money or any other valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person., or
  2. Gleefully accepted by channel Captain and Commander. (Only applicable to these two Sr. Staff positions in perpetuity.)
  3. Special consideration bribes have a mandatory minimum of 1 million doge.


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These channel guidelines are written and approved by insomnia and palasso.