The continually evolving fight for freedom

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A few weeks ago, while I was on a business trip and busy with real life, insomnia informed me that the channel might shut down by Sunday, March 1st. Now that I am back I can spend more time for the channel. I assume command once more and I promise to do everything that is in my powers to make sure that the channel remains open for everyone to chat about politics, regardless of their political opinions.

We live at times where society is moving towards more authoritarian ideologies. Unfortunately fanaticism and tribalism are prevailing both in the west and in the east for different reasons. Freedom of thought, speech and expression are always important but at times like these they are crucial. If we subjugate ourselves to censorship we let ignorance and zealotry to prevail. Some say history repeats itself. I hope that we can prevent the dark ages happening again.

For this reason, preserving the channel is a worthwhile and important goal and I hope we can achieve it. Despite the increased political censorship in our lives, I am optimistic whenever I read other people stating the same goal we have and I believe that we are many out there ready to challenge the status quo of censorship. After all the free in freenode is “free as in freedom” not “free as in beer”.

— palasso

P.S.1: We will have new announcements if there are any new radical developments

P.S.2: We have established a backup/sister channel #Politics-Uncensored on