Okay. You asked for it.

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It’s been a crazy fucking year in ##Politics-Uncensored. One of our founders, Erasmus, resigned his position suddenly and without warning. This was probably my fault because i can be a psychotic bitch when I’m not on my meds, but even now I feel as if my position was entirely justified.

Mr. Palasso has been promoted to successor of the chan for many good reasons. First and foremost, he’s quite capable of being impartial. Palasso has proven himself capable of challenging his own assumptions and considering alternative viewpoints time and time again. He’s a young man, but I respect his opinions and viewpoints. Please welcome him as your new backup overlord. Othewise, you would have all decisions made by Giddles. No. Not joking. If all else fails, Giddles is the failsafe owner of ##politics-uncensored.

Personally I have been through quite a lot. My anxiety level over employment has resulted in numerous health conditions and near heart-attacks. No I’m not joking. Some of you homos know how stressful my employment is but most of you don’t have a clue. I may be a 1%er, but the price I pay for that is measured in years off my life expectancy.

After nearly 2 years the Russia Collusion story is nearly dead; Even Mueller himself says Trump is not a criminal investigation target. This may come as some surprise to many, but me? Nah, I knew DJT was not a Russian shill from the get-go. Trump & I grew up in the height of the Cold War; He may seem to be a bit of a buffoon from time to time, but he’s definitely an American who could never be bought by Russians. I don’t know what the material outcome of this “investigation” is going to be, but as I said in chan, “Both sides will feel righteous and justified. They’ll both be convinced of complete and total victory. But they’ll also both be left empty, hungry, and feeling cheated. Unsatisfied. This witch hunt has done nothing to improve the lives of anyone except Mueller & his band of cronies who get to bill the U.S. Government for hour upon hour of wasted time.”

I classify Stormy Daniels as “A washed-up has-been who got paid to have sex, wanting to get paid to talk about having sex.” No story here either folks. I don’t think anybody really cares who DJT had sex with before he was President. Or after he was President for that matter. Hell, nobody wants to even imagine his pasty white ass banging Melania let alone tit-fucking Stormy. Can we please just let this go already? Cheating on your wife wasn’t enough to remove William J. Clinton from office, what makes anyone think it will be enough to remove someone like Don Trump? Get the fuck outta’ here with that already.

On the tariffs and impending trade war, I say “bring it.” I’m disgusted and disheartened by all of these talking heads who know-tow to the Chinese and seem to want to beg Beijing for mercy. Piss on the Chinese. They’ve taken advantage of a 300 billion dollar trade deficit for years, when Trump says “Knock that shit off.” they slam another $50 billion on us? FUCK YOU, CHINA. It’s ON. I say we go for $100 billion after that, and another $100 billion after that. Lets do business in America! Or how about we work with Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, other south American countries where people need work too? These candy-ass reporters clamoring to suck up to China should be ashamed of themselves. How about putting your fellow Americans back to work instead of sucking Chinese Corporate Cock for a change?

I know you fags don’t care about the ##Cars racing team, but I’m going to mention that we’re trying to get the team out to Buttonwillow California in September 2018 for another event. Feel free to donate to anger@anger.zone, 100% of donations go to “Racing. Wait, what?”.

Piss off.

— Insomnia