The winds of change

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On November 22nd 2019 the founder of ##politics-uncensored (insomnia) handed command of the channel to Commander Palasso, effective immediately. Palasso is thereby promoted to Captain and insomnia demoted to Commander.

Freenode Staff member ‘tomaw’ has threatened to close the ##politics-uncensored channel and failed to give any reasoning for his threat other than to state:

Nov 21 16:52:10 [tomaw] Regardless, I'd like to talk to you about moving ##p-u off of freenode. Not urgently certainly, and something we can talk about, but still doing it anyway.
Nov 21 17:00:29 [tomaw] I'm saying I'd like you to move to a different network and will do everything I can to assist that.
Nov 21 17:01:00 [insomnia] And I'm saying I'd like you to explain yourself.
Nov 21 17:02:33 [tomaw] The channel and the network have never been a good fit, you must unders4tand that it's been lots of work to even get to this point.

After many words exchanged (and none of them helpful), it filtered down to me through other channel staff that ‘tomaw’ was upset because some days prior I had admonished the channel management of #reddit and the server staff members present, when the word ‘nigger’ was used repeatedly in channel but not a word of admonishment was issued by either channel management or staff.

If this had happened in ##politics-uncensored, I would have had staff up my ass in < 1 hour threatening to close the channel.

Plot twist:

Instead, by my asking the staff of that channel to enforce the Freenode policies against racism and hatred, the Staff decided that turning on me and threatening to close my channel down was the proper course of action.

At this point it became clear to me that this was apparently some personal vendetta against me (likely originating at staff bully ‘el’), and so in order to put some distance between myself and the ##Politics-Uncensored channel, I decided it was time to cede control to Commander Palasso.

Captain Palasso is more even-tempered than myself and is less likely to bring negative attention to ##politics-uncensored channel management. All users are requested to respect the change in leadership and to give Captain Palasso your full support and cooperation.


— insomnia